Man chops up sleeping mate, burns body and drinks blood in gory ‘Satanic ritual’

Cops have arrested a man for killing his friend, chopping him up with scissors, burning his body and drinking his blood in a bizarre satanic ritual.

Binman Antonio Carlos Pires de Lima, 33, was asleep when his mate leapt on him in Samambaia near Brasilia, central Brazil on October 1.

The unnamed suspect, who relatives said was a friend of Antonio's, was arrested a week later and remains in jail.

He has been charged with aggravated murder and concealment of a corpse, but denies committing the crimes.

The suspect is waiting on a preventive custody hearing, which could see him released.

He is also a waste picker and lived with the victim, reports say.

Cops believe he killed Antonio before dismembering him in the house they shared, taking the body parts to an empty car park – where he set fire on them.

Police found bones and charred human remains at the crime scene, thanks to an anonymous tip-off from a member of the public.

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At the suspect's house they found huge amounts of blood in the living room, plus signs of a satanic ritual.

Police chief Rodrigo Carbone said: "We entered the house and immediately saw elements that indicated that there was some kind of cult there, with drawings of 666 and demons on the walls."

The suspect then reportedly fled to a Christian pilgrimage site, where he begged for food and money.

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He was finally arrested close to the crime scene after returning to collect items.

The suspect has a long criminal record including 15 felonies from theft to bodily injury to resisting arrest.

He even once assaulted his mother and was kicked out of the family home, police said.

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