Man finds 6ft snake curled up inside toilet after it starts ‘flushing by itself’

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A man who was disturbed by the sound of his toilet continuously flushing was left horrified when he discovered a huge snake hiding inside it.

The shocked individual, who lives in the town of Breitenfurt, near Austria's capital Vienna, climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom to check what was going on.

He was horrified to discover a massive six-foot-long animal which had made itself more than comfortable in his facilities, the Mirror reports.

The man called the emergency services and firefighters rushed to his home to get rid of the Aesculapian snake. They often grow up to two metres long in size.

Lukas Derkits, a spokesperson for Modling District Fire Brigade, told the Sun the species of snake discovered is native to Europe and is one of the biggest reptiles you can find on the continent.

Firefighters were able to free the snake before releasing it back into the forest.

Thankfully for the unnamed individual the species of snake is nonvenomous. They are normally found in France and most of central and eastern Europe.

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This is not the first slithery snake to make headlines while hiding in a toilet in Austria this summer.

A 65-year-old man was painfully bitten on the genitals by an albino python which was lurking in his toilet bowl last month.

Walter Erhard, who lives in the city of Graz, was taken to his local hospital where he received treatment for minor injuries before he was later released, local media reported.

In a second incident that happened during that also happened last month a man named Dominic S., 24, tragically died in hospital after he was bitten by a nose-horned viper that he kept in his home in the city of Enns in Austria.

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