Man suffers severe burns on face and chest as TikTok poached egg hack gone wrong

A man was rushed to the hospital with sever burns over his face after a poached egg hack gone wrong.

Gary McDougall, 40, said he had made the quick snack a "million times" and was shocked when the egg exploded across his face and chest.

He took to TikTok and shared the red scald marks on his face while warning viewers to be careful of poaching eggs in the microwave.

Gary says: "Have you ever tried to make poached eggs in a cup in the microwave?

"Well I’ve done it a hundred-million times and last night it didn’t quite go to plan.

"This is not a TikTok for sympathy or to get any messages or that, I will get better soon.

"I'm not made of glass. Just be careful if that's what you do, because sometimes it goes wrong.

"Be careful alright, don’t poach eggs in the microwave."

Gary also posted pictures showing his injuries – a red burning marks covering part of his forehead and his right eye became so swollen that he's unable to open it.

He has also been left with red scald marks from his neck to his bellybutton from the incident.

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Gary, who lives in Perth, Australia, was taken to the A&E at Perth Royal Infirmary where medics treated the burns.

He spoke on Tuesday (November 9): "I was poaching an egg like I have done a million times before.

"You boil the kettle, fill an ordinary teacup half way up with water and then crack the egg into the cup.

"You then put it in the microwave for 40 seconds and voilà, one poached egg.

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"When I took it out of the microwave and placed the soup spoon in the cup to fish the egg out, the egg popped and the boiling water exploded all over my face and chest leaving severe burns.

"I went to A & E to seek out immediate medical help and I am now on the mend.

"Two things that are positive from this experience is I can still see out of that eye but more importantly…we could have been facing each other when I went to take the egg out but we weren't and she escaped uninjured."

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