Man who tripped while fleeing bear that startled him sues over injuries

A man has sued for damages after allegedly injuring himself whilst fleeing from a dumpster-dwelling bear.

John Donaldson from California is hoping to win $15,000 (£10.9k) after twisting his leg and ankle as the beast came at him.

The lawsuit has been filed against both a condo association and a waste management company.

Donaldson was renting a condo with his wife in Incline Village in September 2019 near Lake Tahoe, Nevada – an area where bears are very common.

He opened a dumpster to get rid of dog waste whilst out walking, only to find the furry foe lurking inside.

The startled animal allegedly came for Donaldson whose bodged escape led to his twisted ankle and fall. He later required surgery on both his spine and a torn Achilles tendon.

The lawsuit alleges that the bear could only get into the dumpster due to a faulty latch, which had supposedly been broken for a while.

It accuses Waste Management of Nevada of neglecting its duty to ensure that the dumpster was repaired and bear-proof.

Incline Crest homeowners association also come under fire, for failing to warn residents of the faulty latch.

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Due to a history of bears rummaging through dumpsters and entering homes for food, the lawsuit states that the condo association was required to make dumpsters wildlife-proof and that a performance review a year before Donaldson's incident revealed inadequacies.

"It is well known and established that Incline Village, as well as other parts of Lake Tahoe, has a serious and persistent bear problem, predominantly trash-related," the lawsuit states.

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Along with the $15,000 (£11,000) Donaldson is seeking attorney's fees, court's costs and punitive damages. The legal teams will have plenty to sink their claws into.

The issue of bears is a controversial one in Incline Village, which sits on Lake Tahoe's northern shore. Some bears have been euthanised after breaking into the homes of some of the 9000 residents.

Some residents, such as the Bear League, advocate for education on how best to secure dumpsters and homes. After a tourist in South Lake Tahoe shot a bear in his home in June, the Bear League called for charges.

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