Manhunt for knifeman who killed 7 including two kids before jumping off bridge

Police are hunting for a man suspected of murdering seven people before jumping off a bridge in Wuhan, China, on Monday morning.

The suspect, 39-year-old Gao Mouhui, is accused of launching a stabbing rampage at the home of a local official, murdering five before fleeing and killing two more.

Xiaosi township’s acting party secretary Zhang Mouhong was found dead along with four family members, including two children.

According to local news outlets, Zhang and his wife were stabbed to death in their living room before Zhang's daughter-in-law came downstairs carrying a baby.

Two of the secretary's grandchildren were found dead upstairs and another was found still breathing when police arrived.

State officials allege that Gao fled the home at around 1am having sustained an injury, going on to kill two more people before jumping from a bridge into the Yangtze River at around 6am.

Although no official details have been released regarding the last two killings, witnesses have said that the suspect killed a driver and used his vehicle to mow down someone else.

The scene at Zhang's home was found by his younger brother who claimed to have seen a man approaching the house the night before, yelling out that he and Zhang had "business" to attend to.

Police are still investigating but are yet to make any arrests.

This comes as Chinese authorities are also hunting for a North Korean prisoner who escaped from a jail in the country last week.

Police have put a £17,000 bounty on Zhu Xianjian who entered China illegally in 2013. He had been sentenced to 11 years in prison for illegal border crossing, larceny and robbery in 2016.

On Monday last week at around 6pm he managed to escape from a jail in the city of Jilin.

The £17,000 reward is for any clues that lead directly to an arrest and there is also a £11,300 reward for any information that helps police in their pursuit.

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