Manhunt to find heartless thugs who tied dog to a tree and beat it to death

A helpless pooch was found brutally beaten to death by heartless thugs having suffered severe blunt force trauma to its head.

The RSPCA in Queensland, Australia, found the animal tied to a tree in what is thought to have been a vile and deliberate act of animal cruelty.

The male American Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was found on August 14 in Bald Hills, north Brisbane.

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The poor beast was found by a member of the public across from the Tinchi Tamba Boat Ramp – it is thought to have been hit over the head and left for around four days.

Emma Lagoon, a spokesperson for RSCPA Queensland, said they didn’t know if the dog had been killed by a stranger or its owner.

Speaking to theCourier Mail, Ms Lagoon said: “We don't know if the owner chose to do this or if the dog is lost and belongs to someone else.

“Whatever way you look at it, it's horrific to think that this is how this poor dog spent its final moments. There are always other options.”

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The RSPCA has put out a plea for information and encouraged anyone struggling to keep their pets to reach out.

It said: “If you need help with your pet, please, please, please, contact the RSPCA or a rescue group for help. We can help rehome pets when people have no other options”.


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