Mapping out the coronavirus: Here’s which countries have reported cases so far

On Wednesday, Brazil’s health minister confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in South America, establishing that the new coronavirus had spread to every continent except Antarctica.

The World Health Organization’s latest figures released on Friday show 83,654 confirmed cases worldwide and has increased the risk assessment level of the virus to the organization’s highest level.

The WHO says in their report that throughout North America, 70 people are infected. Canadian health officials confirmed four additional cases in British Columbia and Ontario, raising the total amount of infected in the country to 15. It added that 59 people tested positive for the virus in the United States.

The report says 78,961 of confirmed cases are confined to China. Outside of China, they say Europe has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus at 759 cases, most of which are in Italy.

Australia and Oceania have 24 confirmed COVID-19 cases and Africa has reported three. As of Friday, WHO said 2,858 have died from the disease.

The coronavirus, which originates from Wuhan, China, has much of the world preparing for a pandemic.

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