Mark Redwine trial: Defense rests without addressing sordid photos

Mark Redwine’s defense team rested its case Wednesday without addressing the sordid photos that prosecutors allege motivated Redwine to kill his 13-year-old son, Dylan Redwine.

Redwine, 59, is accused of killing Dylan while the boy was visiting his father’s Vallecito home over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2012. The murder trial is in the fourth week of testimony and the jury is expected to begin deliberations this week.

Prosecutors have argued that Redwine killed his son in a fit of rage when Dylan confronted his father over photographs that depict Redwine dressed in a bra and eating feces from a diaper. Redwine’s defense attorneys argued that Dylan ran away from home and may have been killed by a wild animal.

Redwine’s public defenders did not address the sordid photographs as they presented their case, though they did establish during the prosecution’s case that Dylan’s older brother had confronted their father about the photos while Dylan and Redwine were on a trip together, and that Dylan was not harmed at that time.

Redwine said in court Wednesday that he would not take the stand in his own defense.

“I have decided not to testify, your honor,” Redwine told Sixth Judicial District Chief Judge Jeffrey Wilson, who accepted the decision.

Redwine’s defense team instead focused on undermining key pieces of evidence against their client.

Prosecutors said a cadaver dog alerted to the scent of human remains in Redwine’s truck; defense witnesses questioned the reliability of the dogs. Prosecutors said traces of Dylan’s blood were found in Redwine’s living room; defense witnesses cast doubt on whether that blood belonged to Dylan and suggested the small amount of blood found could be present whether or not a crime was committed. Redwine’s ex-girlfriend testified that Dylan cut his finger in the home and dropped blood on the floor a year before he disappeared.

“It doesn’t always mean someone was killed there, if you see blood,” forensic scientist Richard Eikelenboom testified Tuesday. “You have to put it into the bigger picture of the crime.”

Investigators believe Dylan was killed on the night of Nov. 18, 2012, but a mail carrier testified for the defense that she saw a boy who could have been Dylan walking on the afternoon of Nov. 19, 2012.

Initially, she told investigators she was absolutely certain she’d seen Dylan, testimony revealed, but she later said she was only 50% sure. She told investigators the boy she saw was wearing a black backpack.

Some of Dylan’s belongings, including a black backpack, were never found.

Prosecutors characterized the mail carrier’s observations as one of hundreds of tips in Dylan’s case that were thoroughly investigated and found to be false.

The trial continues Wednesday afternoon.

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