Meghan and Harry ‘complained’ about being ‘snubbed’ and ‘not welcome’ at funeral

Meghan and Harry felt they were "mistreated" at the Queen's funeral and complained about being "snubbed", a royal commentator has claimed.

According to columnist Richard Johnson, the pair feel they were "snubbed" by the rest of the Royal Family from September 8 onwards as they each flocked to do their duties following the late Queen's death.

Johnson makes his claims according to the testimonies of London-based friends.

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Writing in the New York Daily News he said: “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s friends in London are whispering that the former royals have been complaining they were snubbed and mistreated at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

"They both whined that the family wasn’t as welcoming as they should have been."

Harry and Meghan have a lot on their plates at the moment with both Harry’s book and their Netflix show understood to be far from straightforward.

Reports have claimed the prince is now set to write a new chapter for his book from his pad in Montecito, California.

Johnson claims the book is being added to, to "include the palace intrigue around their trip to England for the funeral of his grandmother".

He claims the book comes as part of a £13.4million deal with publisher Penguin Random House.

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"Insiders say that Penguin Random House paid more than $15million for his story and they want it to contain scandalous headline-grabbing news.

"Members of the Royal Family hope Harry will not attack his family as insensitive racists the way Meghan did during the Oprah interview."

While the book was originally expected this autumn, it now seems more likely the book will come in the New Year to give the Duke time to make the changes.

Johnson added: "Insiders fear the book could bury any reconciliation between Harry and Meghan, and the Royal Family."

Harry, however, has sworn the book will be an "accurate and wholly truthful" account of his experiences.

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