Meghan ‘kicked off US president bid in earnest’ with Ellen chat, expert claims

Meghan Markle's appearance on the Ellen show was a major sign that the duchess could start a career in politics, a royal expert has claimed.

On Thursday, the 40-year-old made an appearance on the chat show, which commentator Daniela Elser believes was her attempt to launch "Meghan the Proto-Politician on the American people."

Her appearance was the first TV interview she has done since her bombshell talk with Oprah Winfrey which sparked controversy after Prince Harry and Meghan were accused of painting the Royal family in a negative light.

In her column on News Au, Elser said: "When the histories are written of the Presidential run of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, there is every chance today’s date will be recorded as the day that she kicked off her political career in earnest.

"The intervention of the wife of the sixth in line to the throne into the political bloodstream has become a regular occurrence of late with her campaigning for paid parental leave, including cold calling senators to press the point, creating furrowed brows and clucking tongues in both Washington and London."

During the interview, Meghan spoke on political issues and said she "will do everything that I can to implement [paid family leave]."

Elser said her appearance on the show reminded her of several interviews between "Ellen’s California-beige armchairs and the top tier of Democratic politics."

She highlighted how then-Senator Barack Obama turned up in 2007, and ran for President the following year.

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It was also reported that now Vice President Kamala Harris was on the show in 2018 and confirmed her run for the Oval Office the year after.

Other examples included Beto O’Rourke’s and Pete Buttigieg who also announced their run after appearing on the popular chat show.

Elser added: "For Meghan, today’s Ellen appearance can be read as a strategic move, that is, as a palate cleanser of sorts in terms of her public image and a swift means of changing the prevailing Meghan narrative from victim of the cruel, racist palace to that of a relatable, fun mum who just cares. So. Darn. Much.

"That reorienting of her brand, from ‘Duchess done wrong’ to relatable working woman, will be crucial if she wants to tap into the grassroots Democratic powerbase.

"That the Duchess of Sussex might be planning a tilt at elected office has long been speculated upon, and this Ellen interview now joins an ever-growing list of politically-hued outings and interventions."

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She went on to reference how the duchess had been interviewed by The 19th, a woman-focused political site, and last year took part in an event set up by Michelle Obama’s nonpartisan organisation When We All Vote.

"Last year, when she and husband Prince Harry appeared in a video for Time magazine, their comments were widely read as an endorsement of Joe Biden," she continued.

But for the palace, the idea of Meghan running for office would be a "diabolical, hugely fraught turn of events", according to Elser.

"If she did launch her campaign as the Duchess of Sussex, it could force the Queen’s hand and to step in on this front," she said.

"In the meantime, it will be fascinating to see what role Meghan might play or try and carve out for herself in the lead-up to next year’s midterm elections."

Daily Star have contacted representatives for the Sussexes for comment.

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