Meghan Markle dresses like ‘young billionaire’ after ditching royals – expert

Meghan Markle's fashion staples has evolved quickly since she moved to California with Prince Harry and has become more "mogul style", an author said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended several public events in 2021 where they flew to New York to visit One World Trade Center in September.

They also participated in the Global Citizen Live concert to discuss the importance of getting vaccinated.

Eloise Moran, fashion writer and author of Lady Di Look Book, shared her thoughts on the change in Meghan's fashion style on the Royally Us podcast.

She said there's a "relief" on Meghan through her fashion looks and it transitioned from being someone who lived in the UK to being someone who is now US-based.

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"It has definitely evolved, I think we’ve kind of seen her ditch the classic tropes of what it means to be in the Royal Family – having to maybe cover up certain things, certain hemline lengths," she told the hosts.

"So she obviously has got this 'California Montecito rich mom' thing going on when she is in California.

"But what I loved about the New York trip so much is, I think she kind of displayed this succession style, which I like to say is 'mogul style', it's a very young billionaire outfit."

The writer also noticed Meghan "took cues" from one of Princess Diana's business-chic looks when she used to visit New York.

"We saw that in the black and tan looks that she wore, which was a colour palette that Princess Diana was so adopted when she went to New York," she continued.

"And in her short dress that she wore to Global Citizen concert and it was a Valentino little white shift dress, showing a lot of legs and high heels.

"I think you can see that there is almost a relief on her where you can see she is a lot freer in her style."

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