Meghan Markle must ‘pick a lane between perpetual victim and badass feminist’

Meghan Markle has been told to “pick a lane” by a royal expert who claims the Duchess is stuck in a conundrum.

Kinsey Scholfield told the Daily Star about how Meghan has frequently shown different versions of herself that – she thinks – don’t go hand in hand.

Kinsey had beendiscussing the lack of imagesreleased by the Montecito, California, royals for Archie’s birthday which was on the same day as King Charles’s Coronation on May 6.

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The To Di For host was discussing the debate surrounding whether Meghan had opted not to attend the Coronation in Westminster “to celebrate Archie's birthday” or “'protect her peace'”.

This, according to Kinsey, is something of a frustrating conundrum, telling the Star: “She was seen hiking the day after the coronation wearing a 'crystal' that allegedly protects her from negative energy.

“Meghan is in perpetual victim mode while claiming to be a badass feminist. She should pick a lane.”

Meghan has often spoken about feminism and has been described as a trailblazer by some, often using her platform to speak about the experiences of women and girls and offering inspirational advice.

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Conversely, Meghan has also attracted criticism from other areas describing her as someone who often portrays themselves as the victim.

It’s this debate that Kinsey says Meghan needs to decide on.

Her lack of attendance at the coronation was one of the leading topics of conversation in the build-up, with an exact reason never being shared with the press, although Archie’s birthday is thought to be a factor.


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