Meghan might lose royal fans’ trust after revelatory texts, commentator claims

Royal fans might find it hard to trust Meghan Markle after the public release of letters and text messages “don’t put her in the best light”, a royal commentator has claimed.

Meghan was recently forced to apologise after text messages with a former aide revealed that she had known her member of staff was in contact with the supposedly “unauthorised” biographers of ‘Finding Freedom’.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had previously denied having any involvement with the controversial book, which supposedly shared details of the now ex-royals’ relationship with the Royal Family.

In February, Meghan had won a privacy case against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday after the publication of a private letter to her father was found to be unlawful.

However, with the publisher Associated Newspapers appealing against the decision, text messages and emails between the former actress and her aide have revealed that Meghan was aware of the possibility the letter might be leaked.

Now, speaking on the Royally Us podcast, host Christina Garibaldi has claimed that these revelations might not be favourable for Meghan’s popularity.

“30 pages of emails and text messages that she forgot doesn’t really put her in the best light in this whole situation," she suggested.

“Especially when they said so much about how they were not involved in Finding Freedom at all… it’s kind of hard I’m sure for royal viewers and followers to trust them in these situations now.

“It is so difficult now we’re really questioning everything that’s being said.”

In the text messages, Meghan revealed that she had referred to her father Thomas Markle as “daddy” in order to “pull at the heartstrings” if it was leaked.

Justifying why Meghan wrote the letter to her father in the first place, co-host Christine Ross suggested that it was done with good intentions.

“I think that the royals definitely don’t like when close friends and family are spilling secrets to the media, and they were probably saying, ‘can you do anything?’, she claimed.

“And I think Meghan knew that nothing was going to work, but she wrote the letter just to say, ‘look, I tried’.”

This comes after the Duchess of Sussex appeared on a talk show with US host Ellen. Giving a candid interview, the former actress shared her story of travelling to auditions in a battered old car before she had met her future husband Prince Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been approached for comment.

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