Million pound Ferarri smashed by hapless valet who ‘forgot how to park’

A Ferrari worth over £1million has been crashed by a valet having a very bad day at work.

The awful incident is understood to have been caused by the car, a blue LaFerrari, being left in gear.

It took place in the centre of Monte Carlo in Monaco with the valet inching the blue supercar towards the kirb, only for him to climb out and for the car to keep moving.

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He had left the engine of the 950 brake horsepower beast running for the car's owner and, despite it staying still initially, began to roll as soon as he shut the door.

It is assumed the automatic gearbox was left in drive.

In a video of events, the valet can be seen getting back inside the car and trying to stop the vehicle from moving by standing on the brake pedal.

He gets no joy, however, with the machine rolling into two parked mopeds, only narrowly missing the driver of one who is standing nearby.

Moments later, a man thought to be the owner of the blue Ferrari runs across shouting at the poor attendant.

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Shortly before demanding the valet get out of the car the assumed owner can be heard shouting: "Are you f***ing stupid?! What the f*** are you doing?"

The valet makes no response and just hangs his head sadly.

It is thought the machine only suffered superficial damage.


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