‘Mini-tsunami’ Saharan heatwave hits British tourist hotspot in Spain – ‘Unexpected tide’

Storm Gloria: Aftermath of severe weather in Alicante

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The popular tourist area of Alicante was hit by a “meteotsunami” on Wednesday. The rise in the tide led to shock flooding in Santa Pola’s streets and beaches.

A meteotsunami – known as a rissaga in Catalan Spanish – is caused by significant changes in atmosphere, such as a heatwaves.

Policia Local de Santa Pola posted on their Facebook page: “An unexpected meteorological phenomenon has surprised us tonight with a sudden ‘rise in tide’ that has caused many problems for the moored fishing fleet, even causing several boats to drift.

“The water has come to overwhelm the coastal walks.

“It has caused different damages on the coast, so we ask for patience while the competent services carry out the corresponding tasks to mitigate the consequences.

“Thank you Santa Pola! Always together against whatever comes!”

The freak weather conditions come as temperatures in the Mediterranean look set to hit 48C.

Temperatures in the Costa del Sol could reach as high as 47C.

Whereas, on Spain’s party-island of Ibiza, temperatures could hit 40C.

The highest official temperature recorded in Spain came in July 2017 when Cordoba baked at 46.9C.

Spain is the most popular holiday destination for British tourists.

Around 18 million tourists flock from the UK to Spain each year.

Many UK tourists opt to land in Alicante to travel to the province’s hotspots, including Benidorm and Murcia.

But a spokesperson from the weather service in Spain has issued a weather warning.

They said: “Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands are facing a probable heatwave.

“This could lead to adverse effects on people’s health and to a significant risk of forest fires.”

The mini-tsunami had apparently resulted from a dramatic drop in atmospheric pressure.

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Other areas in Southern Europe have also been hit by freak weather incidents recently.

Greece, Cyprus and Turkey have all experienced wildfires.

Amid the increase in temperature, Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonia Costa warned he did not want to see the scenes in Greece and Turkey – which resembled the nation’s own heatwave problems in 2017 – in the Iberian nation this summer.

“We don’t want to see that scenario here again,” he said.

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