Missing dog saved by drones dangling tasty sausages to lure her from wilderness

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A beloved pet dog has been reunited with its family after being lured out by a pair of sausage-dangling drones.

As part of the four-day operation involving police and coastguards, searchers had to attach sausages to drones and fly them over mud flats in a bid to lure Millie the Jack Russell to safety.

After Millie had been missing for two days, owner Emma Oakes became worried after people spotted her running along near main roads.

The excitable hound had went missing just outside of Portsmouth and it took an extraordinary effort from police, volunteers and Denmead Drone Search and Rescue pilots to locate here.

When a concrete sighting of Millie was eventually alerted on mudflats at Farlington Marshes near Portsmouth, DDSAR and the Coastguard were deployed with drones and kayaks to find and save the dog.

DDSAR volunteers had the innovative idea of attaching sausages to the drones in an attempt to 'lure' Millie to safety.

One of the volunteers, Elliot Exton, explained the curious move: "At high tide, we had two teams in a kayak trying to go out to see where she was after the sighting.

"We came up with the idea to hang sausages on the drone to lure her towards the team, as it was high tide and we didn’t want to risk her drowning.

"But Millie wouldn’t cross the mud and would only stay on the grassy bits."

Tragically, despite volunteers staying out until the early hours of Sunday morning, they were unsuccessful in luring Millie in with the savoury snacks.

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But when she was finally spotted again in Havant, near Portsmouth, on Monday Ms Oake's father, Tony Oakes, and his border collie Jasper rushed to the scene to rescue her.

The Jack Russell ran towards the pair upon recognising them, and jumped into Mr Oakes' arms.

A relieved Ms Oakes said: "Relief just poured over me. I’d been searching for Millie and working at the same time, I just became exhausted all of a sudden.

"It was just absolutely fantastic to have her home. When my dad rang me, I could just breathe again and not have to worry everyday.

"It’s such a huge relief to finally have her home. Millie is so traumatised, bless her.

"She’s very skittish and scared of everyone who gets up close to her."

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