Moment killer taunts murder victim before reversing into him in deadly collision

A man who murdered a stranger in a hit-and-run outside a massage parlour, as shown in a shocking video, has been sentenced to life and jailed for a minimum of 20 years.

CCTV shows Tony Green deliberately reverse his Skoda into Shkelzen Taka on Coton Lane, Erdington, on Boxing Day after visiting sex workers, BirminghamLive reports.

A jury took just over one hour to convict the 27-year-old of murder following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

On Thursday, July 15, Green, of no fixed address, was sentenced to life and was told he would have to serve at least 20 years for the crime before being considered for release.

Judge Melbourne Inman QC concluded he was trying to "provoke violence" that night and had "intended to kill" Mr Taka, whose fatal injuries he described as "truly horrific".

He said: "If ever a case was required to demonstrate how lethal a weapon a moving car is, then the circumstances of this case provides it."

Green had visited sex workers at the Ayurveda Spa Health Spa Sauna and Massage parlour twice that morning whilst accompanied by an associate.

Upon leaving the second time he passed 28-year-old Mr Taka and his friend Ramzan Rizvani who had pulled up in a BMW intending to visit the same premises.

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The footage appears to show a verbal exchange with Green walking away gesticulating towards the pair, who carried on inside the massage parlour.

Mr Rizvani stated in evidence that they said nothing to provoke the enraged defendant, who had been boozing that morning.

Green claimed Mr Taka blurted out a threat about his family, which lacked credibility in the context of the rest of his spurious version of events that day.

He proceeded to jump on top of their BMW, smashing the windscreen, before hopping behind the wheel of his Skoda and ramming back into it.

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Hearing the commotion from inside the massage parlour Mr Taka went out to confront Green and grabbed a metal bar from the boot of the BMW.

Green sped off but stopped after a few metres, slammed the car in reverse and ploughed into Mr Taka despite the fact he had managed to retreat to the pavement.

Travelling at around 18mph the Skoda hit a sign which collapsed under the force.

It is believed it struck Mr Taka causing the horrific and ultimately fatal injury to his head.

"Death would have been instantaneous," said prosecutor Adrian Keeling opening the case.

The collision footage was shown to the jury repeatedly demonstrating how Green swerved towards the victim.

When the defendant was arrested, he claimed he put the car in reverse by mistake whilst intending to put it in first gear on Coton Lane.

A vehicle expert gave evidence explaining just how implausible the excuse was, with the jury also dismissing Green's account.

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