Moment Russian soldiers shoot dead surrendering man in front of ‘wife and child’

A civilian holding up his arms in surrender appears to have been shot dead by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, as shown in a shocking drone video.

The latest allegation of a war crime comes after a nine-year-old girl who lost her arm due to being shot by Russian soldiers said she "hopes it was an accident".

In the drone footage, filmed by a Ukrainian man who only wants to be known as Zanoza at 2:16 pm on March 7, cars are driving on a road towards Kyiv.

There are Russian tanks by the side of the road in the video and some motorists stop and turn around after spotting them.

One man stops his car and leaves with his hands outstretched, giving a signal for surrender.

He then collapses as if shot dead, while Russian troops, identifiable by their white armbands, rush forwards to where the victim is lying on the ground.

The video was published by German news site who sent reporters to speak with Zanoza, a fighter in the "Bugatti Company", to check the footage was legitimate.

From a basement in Kyiv, Zanoza told reporters: "I was observing Russian tank positions on the road for some time.

"Nothing happened for a long time. The gas station had been closed for days.

"Then civilian vehicles approached. One slowed down and stopped. The diver got out of the car, raised his hands, and was shot by Russian soldiers."

Zanoza said a woman and child who had been in the car with the man were led away by Russian soldiers, who later dragged away the body burned the car.

He said: "A civilian has been shot dead and his wife and possibly his daughter or son – one does not really see which gender on the video – were then taken away by Russian soldiers."

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