Moncton’s first choir sing along struck a chord with sell-out crowd

The Furnace Room bar in Moncton was packed to capacity on Tuesday evening for the city’s first bar choir sing along called “Moncton Sings” host by Festival Inspire.

“It takes its inspiration from the massive one Choir! Choir! Choir! in Toronto and the one that I personally attended, the Big Sing in Halifax,” said Lisa Griffin, Co-founder of Festival Inspire.

Griffin says she wanted to launch a sing along in Moncton to offer people who love to sing a place to gather in a fun, laid back environment and so they can feel what it is like to sing in a choir setting.

“Not everybody can sign up to a choir practice and go every week,” she said.

People gathering in large groups to sing in unison is becoming a popular trend, according to Griffin who brought in Moncton high school music teacher, James Snelgrove to serve as choir director for the group.

“Singing is a fun thing. It is what I do professionally with all my jobs and I want to share that with everyone else,” said Snelgrove.

Snelgrove sectioned off people in the crowd into a three part choir, each group with a different part to sing to Aha’s popular pop song “Take on Me”.

“The concept of singing different things at different times and it sounding great together, there is nothing like it,” he said. 

For people who have never sang in a choir before, Snelgrove said, the concept takes some getting used to.  But he said people don’t have to be professional singers to take part in the sing along, anyone can get involved.

“The main objective of the piece is to have fun. Yes you are learning something and you are learning how to sing in harmony and all that stuff but we want to make sure people are enjoying themselves.”

Moncton mayor Dawn Arnold joined in the sing along and said it is a great event to bring people in the community together.

“It is a fantastic idea. It is so amazing to see this random group of people come together and create such beautiful music”, she said.

Moncton sings will be held monthly at The Furnace Room in Robinson Court.

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