Most British couple ever try to surf down road on ironing board in Storm Dennis

A man and woman laughed in the face of Storm Dennis by attempting to surf down their flooded street on an ironing board, in a viral video.

Just a week after Storm Ciara battered the country, Storm Dennis brought widespread flooding and fierce winds over the weekend.

But one cheerful duo decided to stand defiant in the face of the weather – and the result is hilarious.

The footage shows a woman checking if any cars are coming down the road before chucking her ironing board onto a stream of water.

She then jumps onto it with a man and the pair pretend to ride the waves down the street.

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As the side-splitting scenes unfold, The Beach Boys’ classic Surfin’ USA blares out of the speakers.

Those watching understandably burst into hysterics as the pair continue to have fun.

The footage was shared to Facebook by John Hurcombe on Saturday and has since been seen a whopping 2.5million times.

“This is so British,” one wrote.

Another commented: “I’m screaming hahaha.”

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And a third added: “You got to love the British sense of humour.”

The UK may continue to get battered by 70mph winds as a “strong jet stream” is unleashed.

The Met Office has forecasted more rain and gale-force winds to lash the nation later this week, potentially sparking further floods.

It states: “Rain spreading east, heavy in western areas, clearing to sunshine and showers on Thursday.

“Further rain spreading southeast on Friday with gales developing across many places.”

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