Mum bemused as son, 10, opens Halloween decoration and finds inflatable sex doll

A mum has demanded a public apology after her 10-year-old son opened a Halloween decoration and found an inflatable sex doll.

The shocked Australian mum ordered a "scary fake corpse in a bag", but found herself having to field some awkward questions from her lad when the corpse turned out to be a blow up doll, complete with intimate holes.

What she thought would be a fun decoration for her husband and son to decorate their yard with, turned into a tricky Q&A session when the child found the adult toy in the package.

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The buyer shared the mix-up and tense exchange with the Amazon seller in a post to a popular Facebook page, leaving readers in hysterics.

When users asked if her son would even know what the inflatable woman was used for, the mum said he didn't but the delivery had prompted some uncomfortable questions.

"It was more the fact, he noticed the holes in the back/front of the product and started asking questions… the face was easily explained but when there's holes in intimate areas, that was a little harder to explain!" she said.

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She contacted the seller about the raunchy decoration who said the product was exactly as promised but offered a refund.

"We always strive to provide customers with good and cheap goods, we are very sorry that our products do not meet your expect(ed) requirements," they wrote.

"We just sent exactly what you ordered, perhaps not as perfect as what you expected. The quality is equal to its price and we really checked it well."

They offered a 40% discount off her next order as well as a full refund saying the customer does not need to return the product and can 'keep it as a gift', but the horrified mum was not satisfied.

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"The money is not the point, you sent me a SEX DOLL and my 10-year-old opened it! I believe that a full refund is in order at the VERY least. I really want a public apology," the disgruntled shopper demanded.

The seller assured the mum a refund has been issued, apologised for the "inconvenience", but it still wasn't enough.

She responded by saying: "I have not received ANY refund and I DO NOT understand why you would send something adult rated as a Halloween decoration."

Many saw the funny side of the mix-up and offered their advice to make the X-rated decoration family friendly.

"Tape the arms down and the legs together and wrap in the bin bag and you're good to go. I don't understand what there is to explain to a 10 year old… I'd just say it's a creepy doll and once wrapped up probably wouldn't even think about it," one mum suggested.


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