Mum furious at ‘letdown’ Thorpe Park trip after paying £150 for ‘one ride’

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A disappointed mum had to beg her daughter to "stay a bit longer" after they had spent hours in queues at Thorpe Park and had only managed to access one ride.

Lynne Vitale had organised a trip to celebrate her daughter's birthday at the theme parks annual Fright Night but was left gutted when their trip fell flat.

She says that the anticipation had been building in the household for weeks and that her daughter and her friend were both "counting down the days".

But the family said they had spent their whole time waiting to get on the rides and had only found success with one rollercoaster, which was over in a flash.

At around £150 for three tickets, it didn’t come cheap and was a fair distance from their Somerset home, which meant a hefty drive and early start, reports MyLondon.

However, Lynne thought it would be worth it, all the more so when she saw the excitement it generated.

"It was something that they had wanted to do since before lockdown," she said.

"They'd seen Fright Night advertised and it [looked like] the ultimate place to go [for] her birthday and Halloween. It should have been perfect."

Unfortunately, the reality was far from it.

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"It was just a total letdown, they queued up all that time, got so excited [and] literally it was over in five minutes," Lynne added.

"I didn’t expect to be trying to beg my child to persevere to try and get in another queue. But she just couldn't, she just had enough."

The Daily Star has approached Thorpe Park for comment.

A spokesperson for the park told My London: "Although we have seen some criticisms via social media, these are in the minority compared with the mass audiences we are welcoming each day and who by contrast have had a thrilling day out with us.

"We do of course take all guest feedback seriously so we can adapt and react for the rest of the event run and for next year accordingly.

"At times, situations out of our control can also impact queue times and experiences and we remain committed to doing all we can to help minimise these sorts of situations.

"We ask our guests to adhere to our rules and regulations for both their enjoyment and everyone’s safety."

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