Mum says daughter can’t ‘express herself’ as school ‘punish her for red hair’

A mum claims her daughter has been "punished" for her individuality after her school banished her from lessons after she dyed her hair to "express herself".

Sarah Burrows has slammed Ecclesfield School, Sheffield, for putting her daughter Jodi, 15, in isolation because of the colour of her hair last week.

The angry mum said her daughter dyed her hair purple during the school holidays but attempted to tone it down to a "reddish" colour for when she returned to lessons, reports Yorkshire Live.

But despite their efforts, Sarah said she received a phone call of complaint from Ecclesfield School last week, who reportedly told her that her daughter's hair was "bright pink" – which the mum strongly denies.

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In another attempt, Sarah and Jodi tried to get the red dye out over the weekend – which they say "isn't easy" – so by the time Jodi returned to school on Tuesday her hair was an "auburn" colour, rather than her natural brown colour.

Sarah claims the school were still unsatisfied with her daughter's hair colour so sent her to isolation which saw her child miss out on vital lessons for two days.

Speaking to Yorkshire Live, Sarah said: "I didn't know she was put in isolation until she came home. She had to stay inside all day as a punishment.

"I tried to call the school, but I didn't hear anything back. And she was put in isolation again on Wednesday.

"We do not penalise adults in working jobs for a hair colour change so why should this be affecting our children. We have gradually been returning her hair to the colour brown.

"The school have been wrongly isolating my child for the past few days claiming her hair is not of a satisfactory standard."

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Sarah added: "My daughter is missing her education through absolutely no fault of her own other than wanting to express herself, which now she has removed the colour is still proving to be an issue for the school."

Sarah believes putting her daughter in isolation is particularly unfair given the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on schooling.

"As we all know the last two years during the pandemic have been very unpleasant for all schoolchildren, and now more than ever our children’s education must be paramount," she said.

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Sarah said she didn't understand why youngsters were "targeted" for wanting to express themselves.

"I do not agree nor do I understand why schools target our children for simply wanting to express themselves through hair, make-up and ways of dress," Sarah said.

"None of this impacts our children’s learning, it is morally wrong for anyone, let alone children be made conscious of how they want to look."

Daily Star has contacted Ecclesfield School for comment.

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