Mum who murdered three-year-old daughter with her boyfriend jailed for 15 years

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An "uncaring" mum who murdered her three-year-old daughter after a horrible spout of abuse has been jailed for 15 years today.

Kaylee-Jayde Priest was found dead in a flat in Solihull, where she lived with her mum Nicola Priest, in August last year.

Birmingham Crown Court previously heard how Priest called her daughter a 'little b***' and a 'rat', and just days earlier had threatened to kill the youngster.

Priest had also sent her boyfriend Callum Redfern, 22, a message saying she had smacked the little girl for 'sh***ing in her nappy'.

Redfern was locked up for 14 years for his part in the youngster's death.

Priest was given 15 years for manslaughter and a term of three years for a child cruelty charge.

Jurors reportedly broke down in tears after heard of the 68 injuries pathologists found on Kaylee's body, including broken ribs, lower leg fractures and a broken sternum.

The injuries were inflicted on August 8 last year while Redfern visited Priest with a friend.

It is understood that he left the property that evening and when Priest checked on her daughter in the morning she found her 'stiff' and not moving.

Birmingham Crown Court heard experts say that the tot likely died around midnight but could have been saved if she received immediate medical attention.

The young girl died from serious chest and abdominal injuries after a 'ferocious assault' at her home in Solihull, where she lived in a bedroom without a lightbulb, curtains and a proper carpet.

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By the time the mum rang 999, Kaylee had already been dead for several hours.

Medical examinations showed that Kaylee had also suffered historical injuries including broken ribs, lower leg fractures and a broken sternum, the court heard.

Priest and Redfern, who were in a 'close sexual relationship', blamed each other for her death.

Priest was seen ignoring her daughter on CCTV just hours before the killing.

She was also found guilty of cruelty to a child, while Redfern was cleared of the same charge.

Jurors had heard how Priest would often hit Kaylee around the head and refer to her as a “f****** brat”.

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