Mum’s puppy ‘had face ripped off’ during violent attack on evening walk

A mum has spoken of her horror encounter on an evening walk after her puppy reportedly had its face ripped off in a violent attack.

Lesley McGowan spoke of the terrifying encounter in Dovecot Park, Liverpool where her 11-month-old puppy was attacked by another dog, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Her Griffon Bruxellois breed pup, named Jolene, reportedly suffered brutal injuries during the attack including terrible wounds to the face, with the pooch sadly dying as a result of the attack.

Lesley hopes her horror story and awful encounter will serve as a lesson for other dog users, in the hopes of encouraging them to be responsible.

She said: "It was dark, and as soon as we walked through the gate IU saw this dog charging towards me out of nowhere.

"I couldn't see the lad at first, because the dog was further up and off his lead, but I screamed to him 'get your dog, get your dog'.

"Then he came running over, I had to let my other dog Jasper go, because Jolene had ran around my ankles a couple of times and tangled me up in the lead – she was wanting me to save her."

"I was shouting ‘get it off, it’s killing her’ and he was saying ‘no it’s not’. Then he started trying to get his dog off."

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Lesley adds that she had to put her hands in the dog's mouth to prise its jaws open and get it off of Jolene.

She said: ""My dog was screaming like anything and I thought she’d died, but she just fainted. I still had hold of her but I was still tangled in the lead, so I was trying to pull her out of its mouth.

"She had a broken leg and her face was gone, and had a broken jaw. It bit right through Jolene and bit her jaw completely off and that’s how she ended up getting free."

Lesley alleges that the dog attacking her pooch wasn't on a lead and that "it looked like it was on steroids, it was huge."

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