Mystery around Putin’s £500m superyacht used as plaything for sex-mad mistress

Mystery surrounds the £500million superyacht owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin and used as a plaything by his sex-mad former Olympian mistress.

The Scheherazade yacht is 140 metres (153 yards) long and consists of six-deck floors, with these described as resembling two blocks of luxury flats on top of each other.

It was seized by Italian law enforcement earlier this year as part of a wider crackdown on oligarchs and their dirty dealings.

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Alina Kabaeva, 39, according to opposition news outlet Dossier Centre, also used the gargantuan yacht as her plaything with titles all over the world reporting that she had used the boat.

Kabaeva was even called "our Scheherazade" by the Russian press when she was winning medals as an Olympian. Scheherazade was the daughter of a powerful leader centuries ago, according to a series of stories from Asia.

The yacht even has an "aquadiscotheque", reportedly for Kabaeva who "loves to dance", by her own admission. She is the rumoured mistress of Putin.

The 39-year-old Olympic gold-winning rhythmic gymnast is thought to have given birth to at least two children with Putin.

And mystery surrounds the way in which Putin came to be in possession of the floating mansion.

A gang of wealthy Putin cronies reportedly banded together and chipped in to buy the vessel for the Russian leader after his annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Gennady Timchenko, worth an estimated £18billion, was the supposed mastermind behind the purchase of the yacht as a sick New Year's present.

The squad of millionaires reportedly had a whip around of £500 million, but some reports suggest that with its luxury fittings, the total price of the boat could have soared to around £850 million.

What's known for sure is that just over 583 million euros was transferred from five offshore companies for the construction of the Scheherazade, according to Russian outlet Dossier Centre.

"The money was wired by Alera Assets, Diams Overseas, High Definition, Imperial Yachts, and Onda Mare," the site wrote.

It's also known that the vessel is registered under the name of Eduard Khudainatov, a former president of Russian oil giant Rosneft and former agent in the KGB.

But Dossier Centre said Khudainatov is the owner in name only and "is a front man for Putin and his entourage".

However, former captain Guy Bennett-Pierce, a Brit, has been quoted as saying he never saw Putin onboard.

It has also been revealed that the ship that previously sailed under a flag of the Cayman Islands is now flagged in Malaysia and is registered as a house boat, reportedly for the protections that offers.

Elsewhere on the boat are two helipads, a swimming pool, a spa complex, a beauty salon, huge living rooms and royal cabins.

It even has a set of gold toilet roll holders reminiscent of the interior décor of Trump Towers, and an alleged 'judo gym' for the black belt enthusiast Russian leader.

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