‘Naughtiest pony on planet’ escapes electric fences – and steals everything

There's plenty of horseplay with Freddie about – the pony’s antics include escaping, stealing, and weeing where he shouldn’t.

The "ninja" as he is known to owner Sallie Mitchell spends most of his days sneaking past electric fences to nibble neighbours' fields, and he swipes anything the minute it is put down.

She said: "My Freddie is by far the naughtiest pony on this planet.

"Life with him is never dull or boring but the love and laughs he gives us makes it all worthwhile, he is so funny!

"If you leave something down on the ground it’s going to end up in his mouth. If the rugs are on the stable doors, he’ll pull them off, stands on them, wees and poos on them.

"He escapes all the time, getting into a different field even if the electric fence is on. He’s worked out how to nimble himself under, or he hops over them."

Despite headaches such as Freddie’s attempts to chew his way through his stable, the phone calls to say he has escaped, or even discovering he has nibbled her moped, Sallie, 43, can’t help but love the cheeky pony.

When asked about the funniest moment she has had with her pet, Sallie – from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria – said: "It’s got to be when I’m mucking out. He chases me round with the poop scoop – I think he is trying to help clear the floor with it.

"It’s hard to get it off him. Even if you do, when you put down the shovel he’ll get that in his mouth instead.

"He is sort of trying to help – before knocking over the wheelbarrow full of poo!"

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