New York Police on the hunt for ‘gas mask’ wearing gunman after 5 shot in subway

New York police search for suspect after subway shooting

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The incident was reported at 8:30am (ET) at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park. The shooter is currently not in custody, though it is unclear if they evaded police capture. They were reported to be wearing a construction vest and a gas mask at the time of the shooting. President Joe Biden has been briefed on the event and senior staff is in contact with the city’s mayor, Eric Adams. 

Josh Margolin, chief investigative reporter at ABC News, told the channel that the information on the shooting is still “preliminary” and that the “key thing” for the response units is to find the shooter, or potentially multiple shooters. 

He said: “There were reports that the shooter may have been wearing a construction vest, may have been wearing a gas mask. 

“This is all preliminary and one thing is certain: some of these details will prove to be inaccurate as things develop. 

“Police are just arriving en masse to the scene. The key thing now is trying to find the shooter or shooters.”

The reporter added that it is believed the suspect used smoke gas to either discombobulate first responders and ensure a getaway or stun civilians before opening fire. 

It is unknown whether the shooting occurred on a train or a subway platform but the city’s police department have confirmed there are no active detonating devices at the scene.  

Of the civilians shot, two of the five victims are believed to be seriously injured, while officials have suggested that the other 13 injured likely suffered from the crowd response to the chaos. 

The victims’ ages range from teenagers to middle-aged persons, one law enforcement source said. 

Footage of the aftermath of the incident shows bloodied people spilling onto the platform and pleading for help. 

Some civilians desperately scrambled to jump on the next train to avoid further disaster, law enforcement sources have said. 

The New York Police Department has warned residents to avoid the area, which is located in south Brooklyn about a 15-minute train ride from Manhattan. 

They said that emergency vehicles would cause delays as services attempt to clear up the scene, and power was shut off in the immediate vicinity. 


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Police have described the shooter as a man of about 5 feet 5 inches in height and 180 pounds (81 kilograms). 

It has not been confirmed whether there was a single or multiple shooters but police are reported to believe that this was the job of one man. 

Experts have claimed that the shooting appears to be an orchestrated attack, though they cautioned that information may change over time. 

Police have been searching subway tunnels following witness reports that the shooter jumped on the tracks.

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