‘No reverse gear’ Putin’s endgame exposed as Russia ‘needs to bring something back’

Putin 'needs to bring something back' from Ukraine

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Mr Younger discussed Vladimir Putin’s stubbornness to continue pushing on with his war on Ukraine and his endgame strategy. Russian forces have been bombarding Ukrainian cities for three weeks now, with ongoing peace talks, there is speculation as to when the war will end. The ex-MI6 head also discussed Putin’s difficulties early on on the battlefield after weeks of failing to make substantial advances.

Speaking to the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme, Mr Younger said: “A lot has happened and it’s interesting how the human brain works.

“And how this starts to look weirdly normalised, and my first message is, we must not let that happen.

“It’s still a terrible front on all of the values that we hold dear and our fundamental basis of our security.

“I think the key point for me is still that Putin does not have a reverse gear.


Mr Younger added: “He gambled, he has hit extraordinary difficulties early on.

“But he’s going to keep going, and he has to because he went into this war with a false premise.

“And he needs to be seen to be bringing something back from it.”

Many military and political experts have been analysing Putin’s plans, and speculating that his invasion of Ukraine had not gone to plan.

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Putin 'needs to bring something back' from Ukraine

Mark Seddon says the war with Ukraine exposed Russia’s weaknesses, as Putin seems ill-prepared for battle.

“So you actually wonder how powerful Russia actually is, but also how dangerous it can be if this President is cornered.

“And everybody’s casting around, as what’s to be done? Can there be regime change? I mean fundamentally that has to be down to the Russian people of course.

“I think it would be very dangerous… This makes a paranoid man, even more paranoid.”

Royal Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Glen Grant echoed a similar sentiment on GB News.

Mr Grant said: “There will be no compromise on the part of the Russians.

“They will be beaten by the Ukrainians, which is why the missiles are so important.

Mr Grant added: “I don’t think Russia quite understands the trouble it’s in.

“I think they will double down and become more brutal and more nasty.

“But having said that, the quality of the soldiers is not going to improve on the Russian side.

“Brutality doesn’t make them any better soldiers.

“The more missile weapons that can be given to the Ukrainians the greater the chances that the conflict will be over more quickly.”

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