OnlyFans activist says she was ‘almost slashed with bull whip’ in latest protest

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    An OnlyFans activist claims she was “almost slashed with a bullwhip” while protesting for animal rights.

    Vegan Booty – real name Tash Peterson – was protesting in rural Australia when local farmers took offence to her boyfriend Jack Higgs asking whether they “support the murder of innocent animals?”

    In Jack's Instagram post, two men can be sign snatching a sign off him that says “Murdering animals for their skin is sadistic”.

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    Expanding on the incident, Tash responded in the comments: “After both being almost slashed with a bull whip by the owner of this business, minutes later, their customers who were f(h)armers assaulted Jack for questioning their morals.

    “This is what happens when animal abusers are confronted by the truth (animal rights activists).

    “To top things off, the police officer reviewed our footage and stated that we were antagonising them, and said they had 'defence for provocation'.

    “This means in the legislation, that if someone was physically assaulting you, you have the right to defend yourself.

    “Therefore, standing there peacefully with a sign speaking about the realities of the animal holocaust, gives the animal abusers the right to 'defend' themselves and bring out a bull whip as he near misses us when he whips the ground.”

    It is not the first time the Melbourne-based full-time animal rights activist has caused controversy.

    In December she laid flowers and pictures of dying piglets in the meat aisle of a supermarket as she branded Christmas “a holocaust”.

    A heavily-worded statement called animals “non-human people” and described the conditions inside an Australian piggery where she said "pigs are forced into CO2 gas chambers at six months of age".

    She wrote: "Christmas is a HOLOCAUST. In fact, the mass murder of non-human people in the meat, dairy, egg, honey, leather, wool, fur, down, scale, animal entertainment, racing, breeding, testing etc. industries is the largest holocaust in history.

    "Three trillion non- human people are murdered each year for human food consumption alone.

    She added: "Will your Christmas and beyond be filled with the bodies of murder victims, the milk from mothers who were raped, had their babies kidnapped from them and murdered (if they're born male), and the eggs from enslaved chickens who's male babies were macerated alive the day they were born?"

    Peterson, who has been arrested several times for her activism, continued: "End the rape, enslavement, torture, abuse and murder of other species today by living vegan.”

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