OnlyFans star Elle Brooke’s agony after spending £200 at arcade to win nothing

Self-proclaimed Man City 'Porn Princess' has revealed she spent £200 at a London arcade while attempting to win a prize worth under a quarter of the price.

Elle Brooke, 24, has become something of an OnlyFans celebrity in recent months and is one half of the popular YouTube channel EB Squared which she shares with fellow OnlyFans heartthrob Emily Black.

In this week's instalment of their hit web series, the two models decided to take a trip to an arcade in London to pit their wits against games designed for children.

Once they'd gotten the obligatory sexual puns out of the way, the girls were determined to win something.

After settling on a product they wanted the two girls set out to win the 8000 tickets they required to claim their prize.

The girls excelled in a variety of games including axe-throwing, coin tossing and whack-a-mole (when they weren't hitting each other) but it all fell apart during the go-karting.

After leading for much of the race, a furious Emily accused Elle of cheating for stopping on the track – the stewards declined to get involved but you fear a points deduction is coming for Miss Brooke.

But despite all their exertions, it seems the girls' day was destined to end in tragedy as neither of them realised at the time that the camera they had spent £200 trying to win had a price of just £34.99.

"You could get our OnlyFans for half that price", sighed Emily, which is correct, if irrelevant.

On the pair's previous outing, Elle had declared she was the Jeremy Clarkson of adult content.

Elle made her bizarre comments in a short YouTube clip in which she and Emily went fishing.

Amazingly despite having no aptitude whatsoever for the finer arts of angling, the girls were able to hook a massive carp which they spent a long time trying to control.

After cutting her fingers multiple times on the fishing hook and belittling the maggots, Elle reclined in her chair and announced that she was the "Jeremy Clarkson of OnlyFans".

Whilst she was pontificating this, fellow fisherman Emily responded by quietly relieving herself behind a camping chair.

It is currently unknown what Jeremy Clarkson thinks of the comparison.

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