OnlyFans star in fear as neighbours fume at ‘feral’ content filmed in garden

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    An OnlyFans stunner has said she fears being booted out of her apartment after her neighbours alleged she was making raunchy content in her garden.

    Furious adult star Teasing Tammy has dismissed the claims of those living next to her and taken aim at the "gutless" way of complaining, an anonymous email.

    The Queensland, Australia-based star has since rubbished the allegations, saying she would never film anything X-rated in her garden, nor has she ever done so.

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    Tammy says she only used the garden for bikini content which is posted to her TikTok account, a social media platform with far stricter publishing guidelines than subscription site OnlyFans.

    She said: "I only make content for TikTok in my backyard, and I wear a bikini. I'm a single mum who does OnlyFans for a living to support my two young children; I love my job and I embrace it."

    But her home is under threat after anonymous neighbours complained about "yelling and carry-on" heard in the building.

    They also claimed Tammy allows her pets to roam free in the streets of the gated community, one of several claims rejected by the OnlyFans star.

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    Tammy rakes in £158,000 ($200,000) per year through her content and has been doing so for two years, but her snaps and videos appear to have upset her neighbours.

    Some in the gated community even labelled the OnlyFans creator "feral", and implied she should be booted out of their gated community.

    The anonymous email was fired through to the mother-of-two's property manager, and Tammy has since seen the offending email.

    She says she was left hurt and has since hit back at her neighbours for not approaching her in person, instead hiding behind an anonymous wall of text handed to the building manager.

    Not only did they moan about the pets in the street, but also claimed Tammy's pet birds were making too much noise.

    Tammy believes the "baseless" attacks from her nameless neighbours are because they found out what she does for a living, with their dislike for her career choice enough to push them into writing a fuming email.

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