Paris chaos: French police charge at protesters as fireworks and objects launched – VIDEO

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Tensions in Paris have intensified as police and protesters begin to clash in the streets. Black Lives Matter demonstrations have been taking place around the world after being sparked by the death of American man, George Floyd. In the French capital, a large march against police brutality was blocked on the Place de la République.

The area is a prominent square in Paris, and contains a monument.

After a few projectiles were thrown, the police responded with several shots of tear gas.

Some fireworks were also directed at the authorities.

In the videos taken, the police can be seen charging at the Place de la République to disperse protesters.

The police had ordered people not to assemble due to coronavirus restrictions, but were defied.

Thousands took to the streets not just over George Floyd but also the 2016 death of a French black man in police custody.

24-year-old Adama Traoré died in police custody after being detained and reportedly pinned down by officers.

Following his death in 2016, protests were seen in Paris for several days.

In the wake of these recent protests, President Emmanuel Macron’s Government is now prohibiting the use of the chokehold – the restraint of suspects by grabbing or holding them by the throat.

However, Paris police chief Didier Lallement has rejected charges of racism against his force.

There have also been demonstrations in other cities, with thousands attending rallies in Marseille, Lyon and Lille.

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Public gatherings are currently limited to 10 people to control the spread of coronavirus.

France has been gradually easing lockdown restrictions since last month.

Initially, President Macron faced massive backlash as Yellow Vest protests cropped up again.

The French movement clashed with police and demanded resignations.

Several people had been arrested by riot police.

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