Passerby hands in huge £750,000 haul of cocaine found floating in the ocean

Police have celebrated the actions of a "good Samaritan" who kindly handed over a huge shipment of drugs.

The individual in question was reportedly enjoying a leisurely day on the ocean when they came across over 30 kilograms of cocaine wrapped in packages off the coast of Florida.

The sealed packages looked suspicious so the conscientious citizen decided to call the authorities to take them away.

It was only after police looked inside the haul that it was discovered to be a huge amount of cocaine.

The packages turned out to be valued at an astonishing $1 million (£745,000), LADbible reports.

Earlier in the year, a similar discovery was made when a snorkeler found $1.5 million (£1.3 million) worth of cocaine in the Florida Keys.

The snorkeler had been exploring the water when they saw a large black bundle wrapped in tape, according to the Monroe County Sherriff's Office.

After getting in touch with authorities, the drugs were given to the US Border Patrol.

It was then discovered that the bag contained a total of 25 bricks of cocaine, which Border Patrol said was valued at an incredible $1.5 million (£1.3m).

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A tweet from Chief Patrol Agent Thomas G. Martin said: "On Wednesday, a Good Samaritan discovered 68 lbs. of cocaine valued at over 1.5 million dollars floating in the #FloridaKeys.

"The individual noticed a large black bundle wrapped in tape & contacted local authorities. The bag contained 25 bricks of cocaine."

In August last year, someone walking along a beach in Florida came across 30 wrapped bags and reported it to the police.

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Chief Patrol Agent of US Customs and Border Protection Miami Sector John Modlin told CNN that illicit packages washing ashore in Florida are a common occurrence.

He said: "These recent seizures represent hundreds of pounds of narcotics that will not make it into our streets or into our communities. We are grateful for the community's support to our border security mission here in Florida."

Almost 100kgs of cocaine has reportedly been seized between July and August last year in the same area.

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