Penticton, B.C. woman pleads guilty in manslaughter death of teenage boyfriend

An Okanagan woman entered a surprise guilty plea on Monday morning in BC Supreme Court in Penticton, in the 2017 manslaughter death of her boyfriend, Devon Blackmore.

Kiera Bourque, 22, wore a black blazer with her hair tied up in a ponytail as she stood beside her defence counsel to formally enter the guilty plea.

Justice Gary Weatherill questioned Bourque to ensure she fully understood what she was doing.

“Are you making the plea voluntarily?” Weatherill asked. “Yes,” Bourque responded.

“And by making the plea of guilty, you are admitting to the essential elements of the offence of manslaughter,” Weatherill asked.

“Yes,” she responded.

“Do you understand the nature and consequences of manslaughter?” he asked.

“I believe so,” Bourque responded.

Her defence counsel jumped in, telling the judge his client was just anxious and nervous, but the information had been discussed in advance of the hearing.

Bourque’s case was scheduled to go to jury trial on April 6.

Blackmore died on on April 2, 2017 at a Penticton home.

Bourque wasn’t charged until May 28, 2018, more than one year after Blackmore’s death.

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