People reckon the CIA want ‘woolly mammoth spies’ to ‘airdrop into Russia’

Conspiracy theorists reckon that the CIA want to "airdrop woolly mammoth spies into Russia" because “nobody would expect them.”

The wild claims come as the Central Intelligence Service donated funding to tech firm Colossal Biosciences, which aims to "see the woolly mammoth thunder upon the tundra once again".

The money was moved via In-Q-Tel, which the CIA funds, which in turn put the money into Colossal as it works to genetically engineer extinct species.

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It is also interested in seeing a return of the Tasmanian Tiger which vanished from the Earth in the 1930s.

They also state they want to bring back the dodo.

In-Q-Tel’s chiefs have said: "Strategically, it's less about the mammoths and more about the capability," but that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating.

Taking to Reddit’s r/Everythingscience page, people have claimed that the CIA is actually trying to bring woolly mammoths back from extinction to help in the struggle against Russia and Vladimir Putin.

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One user said: “The director of the CIA wants woolly mammoth spies. Nobody would expect them.”

Another added: “Think of how much spy equipment you can fit in and on them then just air drop them into Russia.”

“Trojan Woolly” another chimed in.

“They're like the Spanish Inquisition of the animal kingdom,” a fourth joked.

The tech would see elements of woolly mammoth DNA that has survived the cold of 10,000 years of extinction inserted into the DNA sequences of modern elephants.

While this technically wouldn’t make a mammoth, it would make a hybrid creature likely to be an elephant with woolly mammoth characteristics.

In-Q-Tech claims that by investing in the technology they can help to "set the ethical, as well as the technological, standards" in genetic engineering.

Other countries, they claim, may have an interest in altering genetic code and this would help keep the United States one step ahead of the game.

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