Plague of locusts causes ‘hundreds of camels to die from poison’ in Saudi Arabia

This horrifying video shows sick camels dying amid one of the worst locust swarms the world has suffered in decades – ravaging crops and endangering food security across different nations.

The death of these camels was allegedly connected to insecticide sprayed on plants to protect them from the locusts in Saudi Arabia.

In the clip, dozens of camels are seen slumped lifeless in the sand while a few just a few survivors stand on their feet.

In another recent video, locusts were seen flying through a desert in Saudi Arabia so densely that the bugs keep flying into the person filming.

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The sick and dying camels were filmed at a farm in Al-Darb, according to the local newspaper Arqam.

Many camels in the herd were given medicine that luckily was able to save their lives, the title added.

Animal-lovers on social media claimed that “poison” to stop the locusts was sprayed on desert grasses which were then eaten by camels – resulting in hundreds of them dying and thousands becoming sick.

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Writing on Twitter, someone claimed: "Saudi authorities used pesticides to protect plants, but ended up poisoning 10,000 camels who ate the plants, killing 100s of camels. While locust problem continues."

"Lots of broken hearts, and relationships in turmoil after those camel deaths," replied another user.

Sounding upset, a third viewer commented: "Does NO ONE have COMMON SENSE anymore! Wtf! This is absolutely horrible!!"

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Saudi authorities have recently doubled daily aerial spraying and the locust situation is now under control in Al-Ahsa, Arab News reports.

The flying swarm had been tracked until it landed and then exterminated with pesticides, the title added.

This comes after China sent an army of 100,000 ducks to its western border to eat an approaching locust swarm – a method it has used with success before.

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More insects have been seen hatching in Kenya leading to fears that a second wave of the apocalyptic locust plague could soon be airborne.

Experts have suggested that a killer fungus that zombifies the insects could be the best bet to fight them.

Meanwhile, in the island nation of Bahrain, a swarm of locusts was filmed blocking out the sky and stopping traffic.

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