Police chase down thug after brutal assault to find angry note about parking

An angered resident annoyed by the parking of a policeman left a stern note on his car while the courageous officer was pursuing thugs on foot.

The anonymous resident dropped the fuming note written on a piece of kitchen towel, which was found by the officer who returned to his vehicle after being assaulted by the pair he pursued.

A foot chase of thugs accused of assaulting a staff member at a local pub led to the officer from Lymington, Hampshire, pursuing them on foot.

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Nearby colleagues and a dog unit managed to detain the fugitives, but the officer who began the pursuit was chastised by an anonymous resident for his poor parking.

In scribbled lettering, the note read: "Seriously? What's with the parking guys??? Ask yourselves!!!!".

The fuming note prompted response from Lymington and New Milton police, with a spokesperson saying: "Late last night officers from the Waterside team assisted our response colleagues in arresting two males following an assault in a #Lymington pub on staff members.

"The two males, who had split from a larger group, had fled from officers and were located on Bridge Road by a single crewed officer who pursued them on foot to arrest them.

"Neither male complied and the officer was assaulted whilst making efforts to detain them."

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The statement also made note of the parking incident, with the spokesperson hoping the angered resident would "understand" the reason behind the poor parking.

The statement continued: "After returning to his vehicle, having pursued the offenders, arrested them and having been assaulted he located the attached note on his car.

"We appreciate parking is a common issue however officers often have to make decisions in the heat of moment and we cannot always explain to residents what is happening and the reasons for our actions.

"I hope the angered resident can understand the reason for having to leave the vehicle where it was."

Thankfully the officer was "not injured" in the pursuit or assault, with the two men arrested on suspicion of assault, The Sun reported.

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