Policeman arrests waitress for serving him bad coffee – court says he’s right

Baristas have to be extra careful in making coffee for cops – because they could end up behind bars.

That was the ruling of a court near Pamplona, northern Spain after a waitress served a policeman a terrible iced coffee and was duly arrested.

The officer's behaviour was not arbitrary and the arrest for disobedience and disturbing the peace was legal, the court in the Navarre region ruled.

The unnamed officer and waitress got into a huge spat after he almost spat out the iced brew he was served with, The Times reported, in front of stunned onlookers at the Pamplona petrol station in July 2019.

He asked the woman to step outside, where the argument continued.

When she responded to him "in an angry manner", the court heard, he decided she was at risk of disturbing the peace and decided to take her in.

The absurd arrest can “in no way be considered disrespectful” and the woman’s behaviour outside the restaurant was surely disobedient, the court found.

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He was initially suspended for six months for "serious recklessness against individual freedom", but the court quashed the ruling.

The waitress's punishment could be seen as harsh.

Still, it could be worse.

There's the world-famous bull-running festival which takes place in the town each July.

Though law enforcement haven't figured out a way to use that to discipline criminals – and bad coffee-makers.

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