Porsche driver travels 30 miles on motorway with bumper hanging off after crash

A police officer has told how he was “honestly shocked” after spotting a motorist driving for more than 30 miles with the end of his car hanging office.

PC Serge Hadfield, from Surrey Police, had spotted the odd, badly-damaged Porsche, on the M25 in Kent.

The driver was stopped after the unusual sighting was called in by the officer on Boxing Day.

PC Hadfield reported that he could see the bumper “literally bouncing out of the small boot”.

A Surrey Police spokesman said he "also couldn’t believe that we had only had one call on it at the time."

A tweet of the incident went viral, as the photo alongside it showed the dramatic damage to the back of the car.

It looks as if the back of the car had completely fallen off, and the driver had attempted to put it in the boot so he could take it home with him.

A spokesman tweeted: “We stopped this vehicle seen driving on the #M25 near Cobham.

“The driver told officers he had crashed the car on the M25 in Kent and thought it would be OK to continue the journey in this condition.”

The unnamed driver, aged around the late 50s, was pulled over at Cobham Services in Surrey after being picked up at junction nine, and gave a positive breath test .

Although he was was under the prescribed limit, the car has now been “prohibited from use on the road” and the driver has been reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Twitter reacted with disbelief over the incident.

One user wrote: “Money cannot buy you intelligence it would seem”.

While another asked a very poignant question.

He wrote: “This raises a number of questions – one of which is, was he planning to reattach that bumper?”

And @MotoringNomad tweeted: “That's a whole new level of optimism right there (beaten only by stupidity).”

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