‘Pray for your moss-covered Queen’ Putin mouthpiece loses it in bizarre anti-UK TV rant

Russian MP Andrei Isayev goes on anti-British rant on state TV

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The Russian MP insisted Moscow needs to take up “anti-British positions” after London sided with Ukraine following the invasion in February. Isayev claimed the UK had historically shown its opposition to Russia and should “clear off back” away from Ukraine, urging Britons to “pray” for the Queen. Speaking to Russia 1, the United Russia MP said: “By the way, in that couple that we constantly mention, the USA and the UK, of course, historically, the more hardcore anti-Russian one has always been the UK.

“They’re basically Siamese twins or two heads of a dragon, but Britain has historically been the more evil head of the dragon.

“Why? Because it that couple, it has responsibility for Europe. And the philosophy which the British aristocracy is taught in its colleges is that they are an island state.

“That’s why their objective is to prevent the formation of strong states on the continent, in order to thus maintain control over the continent.

“And now they’re simply bringing those college programmes of theirs to life.” 


He then bizarrely urged the UK to “eat your porridge” and stop its support of Ukraine.

Isayev continued: “We also need to draw lessons from this. Britain has never been a real ally to us.

“Even in those moments when it acted as our ally during the world wars, the English managed to create trouble, and in this concrete case too.

“But now she’s simply thrown off all her disguises. And it means that in any international issues, we should take up anti-British positions. 


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“You’re fighting against Russia, you’re trying to dictate to continental Europe, so clear off back to your island. Eat your porridge.

“Catch your chip and fish from your foggy marshes. And pray for your moss-covered Queen.”

The Russian MP also claimed NATO had shown fractured positions over how to intervene in Ukraine.

But he suggested the UK and Poland had signalled their preparedness to take up arms against Moscow.


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He added: “It seems to me that within the NATO bloc, certain points of disagreement have already become apparent.

“There are mad ones, first of all, Poland and the UK, which in my view are already seriously discussing the possibility of a direct military clash.

“That’s why the Poles are making their troop movements, that’s why the UK’s making its comments.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss this week urged for stronger collaboration to help Ukraine push back against Russia, warning inaction could result in the conflict being protracted for more than five years.

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