Pregnant woman buys £365k Lamborghini for husband as a reward

A woman spoilt her husband rotten with a £365,000 Lamborghini as a reward for his "kindness" during her pregnancy, as shown in a viral video.

In the clip, uploaded by Malaysian influencer Anes Ayuni Osman, 19, she shows herself taking her husband, 20-year-old Weldan Zulkefli, to the supercar showroom.

He then takes off his blindfold and spots the car, wrapped in a bow, then breaks down with emotion and embraces his wife.

Weldan thanks his wife over and over again, not stopping the massive hug.

In the caption, Anes wrote: "Thank you husband, no matter how great the value of this gift, it will not be able to reciprocate your kindness."

The video was watched more than 1.5 million times and many people thought it was "so sweet" that Anes bought the RM two million (£364,637) car to show her gratitude.

A couple of people joked a minibus might have been more useful for their expanding family.

One user said: "I can't help but noticed that they were already driving a yellow Lambo. With a baby on the way, an MPV would be a wiser choice to remind him of his duty."

Anes, who says she made her fortune as an entrepreneur and founder of Vitamilk, said she bought Weldan the car because he would be helping with the baby during her confinement period.

In Malaysia, it is traditional for new mothers to rest and stay indoors during confinement, in which relatives and even friends are responsible for chores and they are typically given massages and special attention.

Anes told mStar she would be in confinement for 100 days following the birth of the baby, with both her and Weldan staying with her parents during that time.

She said: "I’m expecting my husband to not only be with me all the time but he has to care for the baby day and night because there's a huge possibility I will be having a Caesarean birth.

"Mums out there will know how painful a C-section is, so I want more attention from my husband."

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