Prince Harry branded ‘narcissist’ by royal fans over odd Will and Charles snub

Prince Harry has been slammed by royal fans as a "narcissist" and "jealous" after awkwardly dodging a question about whether he missed his brother Prince William and father Prince Charles.

The criticism comes after Prince Harry sat down with US News programme Today for an interview during his attendance at the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands.

The Duke of Sussex discussed his life in the US, the royal family and his late mother Princess Diana during the exclusive feature.

But things turned awkward when Harry was questioned on whether he missed Prince Charles and Prince William.

Today Show's co-host Hoda Kotb asked Harry: "Your family at home, do you miss them?"

Harry responded: "Yes, especially in the last two years. I think like most people, have they not missed their families, right?"

Kotb said: "But do you miss your brother? Your dad?"

To which Harry dodged the question, answering: "I mean for me, at the moment, all my focus is on these guys and these families.

"That's my focus here. When I leave here my focus will be my family, who I miss massively."

Kotb responded: "I bet."

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Harry retorted quickly, making it clear he was talking about his children: "Well of course I do, they're two little people."

This exchange has led to a myriad of criticism on the 37-year-old Duke, with some labelling him "jealous" and "delusional".

One disgruntled fan said: "He is so jealous of his brother and father because they will be King and he will be what he's always been, a misfit".

Another said: "This guy's jealousy and hatred for his father and brother is quite alarm, if he is as close to the Queen as he states he is he needs to get him on the coach as quick as possible".

A third rudely stated: "Typical narcissist."

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Some royal fans have defended Harry and his motives, however, with some online commenters claiming that it's obvious the Duke is missing all of his family.

"I am sure he misses is biological father," said one person.

A second wrote: " I watched most of this and I don't really hear him dismiss his brother or father. She asks about his relationship with his brother and he diverts the conversation to talk about the Invictus Games."

Other fans of the royal family have been sharing their wishes for the brothers to reconcile after months of a strained relationship

One comment read: " I hope William and Harry reconcil. They are all they have sibling wise. Things take time but I do hope they will reconcile sooner than later.

Another wrote: "Sad- hope he and Will make amends. They have the shared experience of losing their mum. Life is too short and precious!"

Representatives for the Duke of Sussex have been contacted for comment.

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