Prince Philip flag tribute ‘torn down by vandals’ says furious pub landlord

A furious pub owner has told how the Union Flags he hung outside his boozer as a tribute to the late Prince Philip have been torn down by vandals.

Tony Cole, who describes himself as a “patriotic” admirer of the Royal Family hung a row of Union Jacks outside his pub, the Lyceum Tavern in Newport, Wales.

But earlier this week they had been removed.

He posted a complaint on the pub’s Facebook page following the incident, saying it was "so disrespectful" and asking: "What is this country coming to?"

"I was away for a few days and they were there on Sunday when I left. But I came back yesterday and someone had torn them down. I don't know when exactly," Tony said.

"I wasn't very happy, I can tell you that. It's such disrespect," he told WalesOnline.

Tony said while he was "very patriotic" himself, he understood that not everyone was keen on the Royal family.

But, he said that was no excuse for vandalism at a time of national mourning.

"I have nothing against the Union Jack and I like the Royal family. But whatever you think, whether you agree with them or not, I just don't understand people going around tearing things down."

"We always hang flags," he added. "We had Welsh flags outside for the rugby and they were up for months, they were never pulled down or stolen.

"But that's the way the country is at the moment, isn't it?”

Tony added that he hasn't reported the incident as he doesn't want to "waste anyone's time" but that he would be replacing the flags.

"We don't know who did it and probably won't be able to find out. It could have been anyone.

The late Duke’s funeral will be held at Windsor this afternoon, and there will be a national minute’s silence at 3pm to mark the passing of the longest-serving consort t a monarch in British history.

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