Prince William’s warm gesture to ‘cautious’ Meghan spotted by expert

Prince William displayed a kind gesture to his sister-in-law Meghan Markle when the "Fab Four" united with sorrow outside Windsor Castle, a body language expert revealed.

William, who has been named the new Prince of Wales by his father, King Charles III, made a public appearance with his wife Kate Middleton, brother Prince Harry and his wife on Saturday evening.

They greeted the crowd who waited on the Long Walk to pay respects to the late Queen.

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William decided to put aside the tensions with his brother to show "unity" following a phone call with his father, a royal source claimed.

As they got out of the car by the Windsor Castle entrance, the Prince of Wales showed on camera a sign of communication between the four of them.

While the two brothers are greeting a staff, Kate makes a move to join William, leaving Meghan alone on the other side of the car.

Meghan waits until William looks over and holds out an arm to introduce her to the staff.

Body language expert Judi James told the Mirror that William "led the choreography", adding that "he was the one to hold out an arm to gesture Meghan to join the group and be introduced to their host."

Harry then stands next to his wife and puts his hand around her waist, giving her "signals of reassurance and support".

When the two couples split to greet the mourners, Judi said the Sussexes "looked a little cautious about those crowds".

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She explained: "It was unusual to see Meghan instigating a handshake by sticking her hand out first rather than responding to hands already offered.

"Harry grew more comfortable and relaxed as he heard the love from the fans and something of the old Harry returned, including grins and more active chatting as he reached into the crowds to touch hands."


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