Pro gambler tells tricks that helped him win huge £33m windfall on Lottery

A professional gambler has revealed the trick that helped him bag a hefty £33million victory in a series of lottery bets with a group of friends.

Australian man David Walsh, 61, along with his friends as part of a syndicate, splash out some hefty amounts of cash on bets each year.

Betting between one another, the group have racked up billions in gambles over the years and the 61-year-old has since revealed the tricks that helped him bag millions in winnings.

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A "system that works" is needed to be put in place for those millions, which Walsh appears to have mastered in a number of major betting punts.

Speaking to investors at the Sohn Hearts and Minds Conference in Tasmania, Australia, he claimed his success was purely down to luck.

He said: "Finding a system that works and is stable and works for a long time is extremely difficult. If you've had a system that works for 20 years, it's not as a result of skill.

"You acquire the system that worked by luck, then once it worked, it might keep working."

He did, however, warn that failure is around the corner more often than not, with nine in 10 people going broke through the dangers of gambling.

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Walsh added of his success: "The cohort here is probably a cohort who were mostly successful.

"But there is another cohort [that] would fill a stadium of people, that had similarly realised appropriate strategies, that either overbet them or simply chose strategies that didn't work in the long run or failed to maintain those strategies.

"But there's no difference in the level of skill of those that failed and those that succeeded."

Walsh noted that this same luck was what investors relied on when riding the stock market, he said in a speech at the Sohn Hearts and Minds Conference.

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