Pubs should hold weight-loss programmes to help men shed the pounds, say experts

Pubs should run weight-loss programmes to encourage more men to take part, experts reckon.

Blokes are less likely than women to want to shed pounds and participate in NHS diet sessions it's said.

Holding classes in pubs, barbershops and football clubs may encourage uptake, according to a report by political think-tank the Social Market Foundation.

In England, 29% of women are obese compared to 27% of men.

But 41% of blokes are overweight, compared to 31% of women.

The report calls for the 'masculinising' of diet schemes to tackle the problem.

Campaigns to encourage men to join in weight-loss programmes should 'seek to normalise issues that may otherwise be seen as embarrassing or a sign of weakness through raising awareness in male settings, such as pubs', the report said.

The foundation gave examples of other successful programmes run from bars such as Prostate Cancer UK’s Men United campaign.

It encouraged regulars to chat to each other about health issues.

Dieting is often seen as a feminine activity, the think-tank said, owing to 'cultural norms’.

The report also called for GPs to be paid more than the standard £11.50 if they referred men to NHS weight loss programmes.

"There is a much stronger hesitancy among men in acknowledging their weight issues,’’ it read.

"NHS weight-loss programmes are not usually designed for men and as a result men are consistently under-represented in programme referrals and enrolments.’

Earlier this month, the former fattest man in the world revealed that the pandemic forced him to gain 20st in weight after binge eating crisps due to a Covid-induced depression.

Back when he held the world record, the Brit weighed a staggering 70 stone (444kg).

The 60-year-old made a remarkable turnaround after surgery helping him drop to 19st.

However, Paul has piled the pounds back on during lockdown.

His mobility is limited from chronic arthritis, which forces him to spend most days in a chair.

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