Pugs and French bulldogs breeders could be banned after call for crackdown

Breeders of French bulldogs and pugs could be banned as part of a crackdown on “dangerous” actions that have sparked canine health fears.

Pet charity Blue Cross says some dog breeders are guilty of a "vicious cycle of over-breeding", and it has already started to pressure MPs to change the law.

Becky Thwaites, head of public affairs at Blue Cross, told The Sun: "We have already started contacting MPs. Ultimately, Blue Cross is determined to see the end of the poor breeding of flat-faced dogs and are considering all options, both legislative and non-legislative, to achieve this."

She added that "we don't want to ban the breed, we want healthier breeds".

The animal charity believes the rise of "cute" advertisements on social media has prompted the rise in demand for the dogs, which has led to a steep increase in cases of French bulldogs and pugs being diagnosed with health issues.

About 20% of all dogs in the UK are now flat-faced breeds, the charity said, and the explosion in their popularity has exacerbated poor breeding.

The health issues suffered by pugs and French bulldogs include eye disease, skin disease, obstructed breathing and spinal deformities.

Blue Cross vets have treated more than 5,000 flat-faced dogs for dangerous health problems over just the past two years.

The charity told The Sun that the situation was unacceptable and such breeds were "not living full and happy lives".

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And it added that the notion that these dogs are cute when, for example, they snore, is misguided, because in reality “they cannot breathe”.

There are currently four breeds of dog that are banned in the UK – pit bull terriers, Japanese tosas, dogos Argentinos and Brazilian mastiffs.

If you own a banned dog, the police or the council can take it away, even if it's not acting dangerously and there’s been no complaint.

However, if it's in a private place the police need a warrant.

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