Putin caught spasming in hour-long speech as economic forum attendees fall asleep – VIDEO

Putin forced into 'mobilisation by stealth' says Chris Newton

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Vladimir Putin’s health has been under intense scrutiny since he resumed holding public events shortly before he launched an invasion of Ukraine in February. The Russian leader kept his engagements limited throughout the pandemic, rarely appearing in public, and his dramatic return to the global stage was accompanied by much speculation over his state. Appearing at a previously cancelled speech at the International Economic Forum, Putin appeared to be suffering from subtle spasms as he addressed attendees.

Hiding away behind a ledger, the Russian leader could be seen holding onto the podium while not turning the pages of his speech in an arguable attempt to keep upright.

Putin was filmed last week at another event swaying as he stood, his knees repeatedly buckling under him.

The Russian President appeared fatigued as he led the forum in an hour-long speech that left some of the attendees dozing in their seats.

The ostracised leader, surrounded by representatives from the few countries still maintaining diplomatic relations with Moscow, has been linked to both Parkinson’s disease and to cancer.

Parkinson’s is notably connected to uncontrolled spasms and tremors generally affecting one’s limbs.


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