Putin could ‘help Iran develop nuclear programme’, US says in chilling warning

Russian President Vladimir Putin could be about to help Iran develop its nuclear programme, US intelligence sources have claimed.

The Iranian regime has had difficulties trying to get its nuclear programme off the ground due to sanctions placed on it by the West.

But it now appears that is leadership is seeking alternative help – with Putin being the main source of that.

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Details of the potential alliance was made public in a leaked report written by former US intelligence terrorism expert.

According to The Mirror, Ali Soufan wrote: “The financial terms of the production deal have not been reported and likely constitute a mix of cash, in-kind payments and other promises of assistance from Moscow.

“Both countries are subject to sweeping US and European sanctions and the extent to which Russia is able to provide Iran with hard currency payments for the drone production agreement is unclear.

“As an alternative Iranian leaders may seek additional Russian assistance to boost their nuclear programme.

“Maintaining Russia as a partner may also help in circumventing sanctions that hinder Iran’s ability to acquire components and other goods for its advanced weapons programmes.”

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Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy hinted at a possible alliance between the two country's in October.

He said, during a press conference in Israel: “'I have a question for you, how does Russia pay Iran for military assistance? Is Iran just interested in money?.

“Probably not money at all but Russian assistance to the Iranian nuclear programme.

“Probably, this is the exact meaning of their alliance.”

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And the UK's foreign secretary, James Cleverly warned that the partnership “threatens global security” earlier this week.

Calling it a “sordid deal”, he said: “Iran and Russia's sordid deals threaten global security.

“We are holding their desperate alliance to account.

“The UK has just sanctioned high-level Russian and Iranian figures in response to the abhorrent strikes against civilian targets.”

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